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I'm a marketing content producer, video producer, filmmaker, and video artist. I've spent most of my career crafting character-driven videos in the countries that I have lived in, from the desert of Qatar to the arctic of Norway. 

Whether it's working for companies and institutions on contract-based such as Qatar University, GrepS AS and JetKids by Stokke, or working as a freelancer at AlJazeera channel, NTNU, and Entra AS.  I embrace creativity, and I try my best to deliver engaging stories. I have experience — and love — in working with teams, running studios, and helping lead all stages of media production.

In my Film and Art career, I have won the award of the best short film in Qatar 2016 and participated in several film festivals in Europe and Asia. Recently I have won a grant from the Norwegian art council to produce my upcoming film. 

In short, I turn stories into visual visions.

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